sql script update schedule

Dec 20, 2007 at 11:27 PM
Hi. I'm the one of your blogengine fun. Would you tell us what the schedule to update the sql script for MSSQL operation for your bolgengine is? I also would like to contribute Japanese language option for it.

Thanks in advance,
Shigeki Nakajima
Dec 21, 2007 at 3:54 PM
We should have the SQL provider and script up by the end of the month.
Dec 23, 2007 at 1:48 AM
Hi. Thanks for your quick reply and letting me know your schedule. By the way, how can I upload the ja_JP file to the BlogEngine site? It is ready and included both the core and photo version.

Thanks again for your efforts.
Dec 27, 2007 at 9:14 PM
Hi, you can upload the ja_JP file using the "patch" option. On the source code tab (codeplex) -> click the "upload patch" link ; enter a description and link the language file. Mads will see the patch and include it in the core project. Phil will see the patch in this project and include it.

thanks for creating the language file.